20s and 30s

The 20s & 30s Fellowship Group is a large, welcoming, casually organized collection of Genevans. Gatherings provide a setting for regulars, newcomers and visitors whose ages are roughly in the 20-to-30-year range. The main monthly events are potlucks during the school year, usually hosted and attended by established Genevans of various ages and backgrounds. These meals together provide inter-generational fellowship between older Genevans and our large undergraduate, post-graduate, and young-professional segment. The group is always open to newcomers, and visitors are encouraged to attend!

In addition, other events—such as theater outings, game nights, or providing “Parents’ Nights Out” for Geneva families—are sporadically organized through our group email list. Our Calendar of Events has the latest information on scheduling. You can also contact Church Administrator Sylvia, or check in with the 20’s and 30’s coordinator at geneva20s30s@gmail.com.

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