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Sharing life and faith in a university setting

Geneva is a multigenerational community committed to equipping and developing our student members while they are with us, and sending them out to serve wherever they go. Through friendships and mentoring relationships, worship services, potlucks, households, undergrad lunches, 20s and 30s gatherings, and discipleship groups, students grow together in study and understanding. Students are part of the fabric of Geneva, not only being served, but serving in worship, youth ministries, outreach activities, and leadership. Geneva’s Student Ministry is a registered student organization of the University of Wisconsin.

Read what students have to say:

Katie“I started attending Geneva during my freshman year at the UW. I was delighted to be surrounded by a close-knit community of Genevans of all ages and vocational callings, and overwhelmed by the hospitality offered from fellow Genevans to a new community member like me. I was encouraged by the small group I joined to explore my vocation in God’s kingdom and how I could pursue that, inspired by those I saw around me doing the same. Before coming to Geneva, I didn’t realize that besides Sunday services and weekly events, church meant a community of all ages that you did life together with all the week. What a wonderful revelation that was!”

~Katie, UW Madison class of 2007, Special Education
Curriculum and Training Specialist for Partners in Health, Rwanda

“Geneva is a thoughtful community of believers situated in the heart of the university. Genevans care and have convictions. They have been friends who care both about me and about the things in the world that I care about. Geneva became the central hub of my life in Madison. Without Geneva, I think my life would have been fragmented, and my relationship to church fellowship would have been detached. My social involvement would likely have lacked families with children and non-university people. Geneva gave me a home and a church that I wanted to commit to. I saw people who were models of Christian maturity, and I got to know them at a deep level. Even now, years later, I ask myself, ‘How would Mike or Beth or Pete or Bob or Sylvia or Marcia or Terry or Sharon or Jim respond to this?'”

~Alec, UW Madison Ph.D. 2011
Mathematics post-doctoral researcher at Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium

Aimee“I went into senior year looking for a church. After my first Sunday service at Geneva Campus Church, I started going to the on-campus women’s prayer meetings, and despite some initial shyness, I was surprised to find any discomfort quickly melt away and be replaced by an inflow of unexpected blessings. In our early mornings together, I truly experienced community and fellowship in a new way. In the church as a whole, I felt cared for as a student (through various meetings, meals, and scholarship funds), and also considered as someone who has value. Coming to this church, I felt God’s love replenishing me. I found Geneva to be a church community rich in diversity, talents, and a longing for God. Being an upperclassman involved in leadership with Asian American InterVarsity, I found a balance going to Geneva that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else. I felt poured into, and that overflow enhanced my spiritual life as well as my ability to pour into others. I’m very thankful for my time at Geneva and the many families that welcomed me so warmly.”

~Aimee, UW-Madison class of 2014
English Teacher in Seoul, South Korea

Jess“I spent a summer interning at Geneva while a student at Calvin College. Though brief, my time at Geneva, under the mentoring of Rev. Mike Winnowski, was an incredibly formative experience as I was discerning where God was leading me vocationally. Before Geneva, I felt a sense of fragmentation as I thought about my interests and passions; I was studying biology and theology and had many voices around me telling me that these two disciplines would not come together, particularly in a unified vocation. My time at Geneva was both the first time I heard strong affirmation for the intersection of both these interests, and the first time I had ever imagined myself working in the church. Working with Pastor Mike, being given the chance to explore pastoral ministry, and receiving affirmation in my work from the staff and congregation of Geneva was the first step toward my decision to enter seminary. Now, post-seminary, I am working on my PhD in ethics, with a focus on Reformed ethics and an interest in environmental ethics. Again, my time at Geneva at Geneva helped point me in this direction, as many wise voices spoke of and modeled integration between theology and other disciples. Geneva’s strong notion of a Kuyperian worldview that undergirds all of our work in the world was striking to me as a young adult; I had heard many talk about such a worldview, but I saw it lived out in the community of Geneva in a new way. The excitement for a robust faith that is nurtured in the church but has far-reaching implications for all of life helped propel me to consider how I too might be able to teach and preach this biblical vision. I am very thankful for my short time at Geneva!”

~Jess, Calvin Seminary class of 2013
Currently a Ph.D. student in Christian Ethics

Jim KirkThe authentic Christian community I experienced at Geneva Campus Church was nothing short of life-changing for me and my young, graduate-student family. There was nothing flashy about it. Nothing quick or programmatic. The focus was simply on things that mattered most: meaningful worship, food, friendship, prayer, food, coffee, thoughtful discussion, welcoming strangers, food. Week by week, we were shaped by Geneva’s culture of hospitality, generosity, and Christ-like love. Most of all, when suffering entered into our lives, we found that we were not alone but that we belonged to a community committed to treating us as family. In addition, Geneva was a safe place for me to explore my gifts, grow in leadership, and ultimately pursue a calling as a pastor – something that would not have been possible apart from the encouragement and support of Pastor Mike and so many at Geneva. I will always be grateful to have been a Genevan!

~ Jim, UW-Madison ’08, MA (Hebrew & Semitic Studies)
Lead Pastor, Trinity Rivertowns Church, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

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