Vocation | Formation

Each one of us has some kind of vocation. We are all called by God to share in His life and in His Kingdom. Each one of us is called to a special place in the Kingdom. If we find that place we will be happy. If we don’t find it, we can never be completely happy. For each one of us, there is only one thing necessary: to fulfill our own destiny, according to God’s will, to be what God wants us to be.
– Thomas Merton

At Geneva Campus Church we believe that all of us are called to live and work in service to God, displaying the gifts he’s provided, contributing to the life of our families, churches and communities. Our Vocation Formation program strives to provide undergraduates with the conceptual and practical resources to discern their calling with thoughtful exploration, prayer, and conversation.

Serving students in these transformative college years, our goal is to capture a vision of vocation that connects disciplinary study with the pursuit of work that empowers individuals and communities to serve God’s creation, affirming his covenant with his people.

Our program will offer a variety of opportunities for students to engage questions of vocation, academic study, spiritual formation, and career development throughout the school year. We will have more information about meeting dates/times, reading/discussion groups, and other program initiatives in the near future.

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